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+ Every bespectacled is a potential clipon customer, (more)-during daytime it is inconvenience up to impossible to be outside without sun protection, the photo chromatic lenses are not effective inside the car. 

 + In some cases, the clipon is the best or the only alternative as sun shade. (more)- reasons such as: * sensitivity to new eyeglasses, *price *fashion *light weight * ready to use * make the custom made clipon the best selection.

+ The new clipon's system make the clipon an attractive article.(more)- the cliponet system make most of the work for you, and support the process to make the rest of your work easy and friendly.


+ SCANNER: just put the customer's eyeglasses on the scanner and press the "go" button. The scanning process, as well as the communication, wills be done automatically.

  + PROCESSING: after the automatic order sent, the information is processed at the service center, and the results sent back to the shop as a complete cutting file.

 + CUTTING: just drug the returned file from the e-mail to the desktop, the software will execute the information into finished clipon lenses, including the holes and the notches –ready for assembling.

+ MACHINE: unique 3D masterpiece milling machine, small and reliable, easy to use and friendly- just plug to electricity and to the computer parallel port.

+ PARTS: the clipon parts are easy and simple to use, no need for tools or glue, and if change is requested (such as leg or bridge size) it is done simple.

+ADJUSTMENT & FITTING: The anti crack lenses are in classic colors, bases 3 & 6 for best fitting, regular or polarized. The" legs" exist in 5 lengths for optimal fitting, and the bridge size has a simple correction way. The final tuning is easy and quick.


Cliponet (Feldman Cliponim) is located in the optics business since 1986.

Since 1990 our Specialization and focus is on Clipons – design, development and manufacture of computerized systems and Components manufacturing Clipons, while implementing the Israeli market developments,

Testing and product developments are in service matching Clipons optical stores across the country.

In Cliponet, developed products and methods, and additional patents registered in Clipons business.

All developments are implemented immediately in the local market – working with optical stores – for testing and feedback from operators and customers,And product improvements are implemented to final polishing.

List of products developed and implemented in the Israeli market:

* Scanning systems via the Internet.

* Cutting machines CNC milling based lenses

* User Interface Development scanning units.

* Software Convert Photos commands machine.

* Development and production new elements to the Clipons.

* Development magnetic Clipons.

* Scan patents and manufacturing Clipons.


Where ever you are located, in tourism site, big city or in a small neighborhood, the "cliponet" system allows you to have cost effective product.

*No "dead" stock – you order the clipon after the customer's order.

* The payment based on "click –fee" principle.

* Full customer's satisfaction guaranty.

*Very small machine footprint.

*Simple, quick and friendly.

* More benefits you will find out. 

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